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About Us

Who We Are

Conduent Education Services provides customer care and repayment services for campus based loans, private education loans, and Federal Family Education Loan Program loans.

What We Do

  • Provide Customer Care Representatives to answer your calls
  • Contact you to encourage repayment or to locate your address or telephone
  • Process payments
  • Send statements and correspondence by mail or email
  • Apply deferments and forbearances, if you qualify
  • Process your loan forgiveness and discharge requests, if you qualify
  • Report the status of your loans to nationwide consumer reporting agencies each month
  • Provide websites for you to manage your account online

What We Will Not Do

  • Ask for your nine-digit Social Security number when we call you
  • Include your nine-digit Social Security number in correspondence or emails, with the exception of 1098-E tax forms
  • Ask for your password or user name in an email or over the phone
  • Fail to identify ourselves as Education Services

Want to Be Sure Conduent Education Services is Calling?

  • Ask us to answer some questions, for example:
    - What type of loan are you calling about?
    - What is the full name of your company?
    - What is your phone number and mailing address?
    - What is your web site address?

Report Potential Scams:

If you receive a call from someone claiming to be Conduent or Conduent Education Services and you are not sure, log in to your account to send us a secure e-mail.

Some Tips to Protect Your Identity:

  • Do not give your nine-digit Social Security number to anyone over the phone
  • Do not give your banking account information to anyone over the phone
  • Do not include your SSN in e-mails that are not secure
  • Shred anything with personally identifiable information, that you no longer need