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Frequently Asked Questions

When did ACS become part of Conduent?

January 1, 2017, however, you will still see ACS and ACS Education Services on printed communication and our website during the transition period occurring over the next few months.

Why are you changing your name to Conduent Education Services, LLC?

Now that we are a part of the Conduent Incorporated Family of Business Services Companies, our name and brand will gradually reflect that new identity.

What changes should I be prepared to make?

For the immediate future, there will be no changes.

How will you notify me of changes?

Notifications will be sent by either letter, email, or both.

Will the terms of my existing loans change as a result of the separation?

Your loan terms and benefits will not change.

Will auto debit (ACH) make the transition?

If you are enrolled in automatic debit (ACH), you will not need to take any action.

With these changes, how will I access my online account?

Your ability to access your online account will not change. There will be changes to the website reflecting the change in our name and our new logo. Including the web address (URL) that will happen over the next several months.

Do I need to change my bill pay service "payee" to Conduent Education Services?

No, your payee should remain your lending institution in care of ACS Education Services. We will inform you when the in care of name will change from ACS Education Services to Conduent Education Services.

Will the loan number for my loan(s) be changed?

No, there will not be any change to your loan/account number.

Will I receive a new coupon book?

We will supply you with a new coupon book when your current book expires. You can continue to use the existing book with the same address and account information since those will not change.