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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to do anything differently?

No changes will be made to the servicing of your student loans, and you do not have to do anything differently when managing your student loan account(s).

How will you notify me of changes?

Notifications and more information about the transition will be sent by either letter or email, and will also be made available on our website:

Will there be any changes to my account or account number?

No, there will not be any change to your account number or any of the information associated with your existing account.


Will the terms of my loan(s) change as a result of the transition?

Your federal and private loan terms and benefits will not change.

Will the co-signer, co-borrower and/or endorser of my loan(s) receive this notification as well?

Yes, we are sending this notification to borrowers, co-signers, co-makers, co-borrowers and endorsers of your loan(s) when applicable.

With these changes, how will I access my online account?

At this time, you can continue to access your account as usual on We will inform you if access to your online account changes.

How will new Conduent serviced loans be reflected on my credit report?

There is no immediate change to your credit report. By the end of this year, Conduent Education Services (CES) will replace ACS on your credit report as the loan servicer.

For loans paid-in-full or transferred while serviced by ACS, there will not be a name change reflected on credit reports.


Do I have to change how I make my payments?

No, you can still make your monthly payments at, via mail to the same address on your bill, or by calling our Customer Care department at 1-800-835-4611.

Will this affect my enrollment in the ACH Checkmate IITM automatic withdrawal program?

If you are enrolled in ACH Checkmate IITM, you will not need to take any action. Your automatic withdrawal will not be affected by any changes made in this transition.

Do I need to make changes with my bill pay service?

Not at this time. We will inform you when and if you need to contact your bill pay service to change the 'payee' name to Conduent Education Services.