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Mobile Web Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: Do I have to be registered for access to my account on Conduent Borrower Services web site to use the Conduent mobile web site?
    A: Yes, for security of your account information, you must be registered at to use mobile web.
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    Q: Do I use the same User Name and Password I use to log in to my account at for mobile web?
    A: Yes. Use your User Name and Password to log in.
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    Q: What is the link to access Conduent' mobile web?
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    Q: Does Conduent mobile web work on all phones?
    A: Conduent mobile web site may not work properly on older phones.
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    Q: What happens if I try to log in too many times?
    A: Your account will be locked for security after 5 failed log in attempts. Use the Forgot User Name/Password feature on the mobile web or reset your password here.
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    Q: Once I log in, how long before the system logs me out?
    A: Ten minutes of inactivity, the same as if you were logged in to your account at a computer.
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    Q: What can I do on the mobile web site?
    • Make ExpressPaySM payments using existing bank information.
    • Set up a bank account for ExpressPaySM
    • View payment history.
    • View and cancel Scheduled Payments.
    • View loan information.
    • Request selected forms by e-mail.
    • Obtain your User Name and Password.
    • View Contact Information.

    For detailed account information, log in your account at
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    Q: Can I use a debit or credit card to make payments?
    A: You may make payments from a checking or savings account at a U.S. based bank. We do not accept credit or debit cards.
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    Q: Where can I view ExpressPaySM Terms and Conditions?
    A: For FFEL and PRIV.
    For CPS.
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    Q: Can I make one payment for all my loans?
    A: For FFEL and private loans, yes. You may also pay each loan separately. If you have CPS loans, please make a payment on each account.
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    Q: If I make a payment today, when will it be posted to my account?
    A: For detailed information on payment deadlines, see information on ExpressPaySM
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    Q: Where can I find more forms since only selected forms are available on mobile web?
    A: Log in to your account at and select Forms on the left side of the page.
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    Q: Are there fees to use the Conduent mobile web site?
    A: Conduent does not charge fees to use the mobile web site. However, you should contact your wireless service provider to see if there are any connectivity or usage rates that may apply.
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    Q: Are my transactions secure?
    A: Yes, the web site uses 128-bit SSL encryption technology.
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