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Use our calculator to estimate your monthly payments. Enter the information and select Calculate.

The chart will display estimated monthly payments, by year of repayment, for Level Repayment, Graduated Repayment and Income Sensitive Repayment Plans. The chart sets interest rates at 6.8% for Stafford and 8.5% for PLUS/GradPLUS.

Review Income-Based Repayment

If you are interested in the Income Sensitive plan, enter your monthly gross income, and the percentage of your income (between 4 and 25%) that you feel you can afford to pay towards your loan.

The table of results will show the estimated monthly payment, by year of repayment, for each of the three plans we offer.

Stafford Loan Amount:

Stafford Interest Rate:

PLUS Loan Amount:

PLUS Interest Rate:

Monthly Gross Income:

% of Income (4-25%):