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Conduent solutions start with a secure, Web-based interface that enables the transfer of essential information between students and parents and your institution. Each solution can be customized with logos, graphics, and messaging to fit your campus Web environment. Completely modular and platform independent, Conduent solutions require minimal resources from your information technology (IT) staff.

Financial CounselorTM Online Loan Counseling

Financial Counselor helps schools satisfy federal student loan entrance and exit counseling requirements, and gives students access to valuable financial planning tools, including:

Online Disclosure Statements
Institutions generate and send complete online student disclosure statements populated with live data from our student loan servicing system.

Click here for the Financial CounselorTM 4.0 Demo.

Click here for the Financial CounselorTM 4.0 Configuration Demo.

Campus-specific Financial Aid Information
Students and potential students access information on the specific types and amounts of federal, state, and private aid available at your institution.

Loan History and Aid Award Information
Students review their entire loan history or other award activity, including the amount awarded, pending credits, and paid-to-date disbursement amounts for any given term.

Electronic Award and Disbursements Notification
Schools supplement or replace paper notices with e-mails advising students of aid awards, award acceptance notices, and funds disbursements.