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A Partner, not a Competitor

As the only national, independent servicer that works with an open market approach to student loan management, Conduent partners with your preferred lenders, allowing them to offer exceptional service and innovative loan products.

Conduent is:

  • An independent, third-party originator and servicer of student loans
  • A partner to your preferred lenders

Conduent is not:

  • A lender or secondary market
  • A competitor of your preferred lenders

AppWorksTM Loan Origination Platform
AppWorks is the most technologically advanced loan origination platform in the student loan industry, and only Conduent has it. We designed and built AppWorks from the ground up using critical input from the financial aid administrators and business office professionals of leading colleges and universities throughout the nation.

AppWorks sets a new standard for originating FFELP and Alternative loans, which means better service for both schools and their students. Key web and system features include:

Web-based Functionality

  • e-Signature support
  • Real-time transaction processing
  • Immediate PLUS loan credit checks
  • Missing information updates
  • Real-time change/cancel capabilities
  • Instant hold/release functions
  • Loan reallocations and revisions

System Features

  • CommonLine and ELM compatible
  • Non-CommonLine compliant school systems interface
  • Immediate guarantee processing

Not Just Technology
AppWorks comes fully serviced and supported by our Campus Support Services unit. This acclaimed team of specialists is the single point of contact for financial aid professionals with FFELP or Alternative loan inquiries.

Repayment Servicing
Educating the borrower at every opportunity about their loan responsibilities is fundamental to successful repayment. Conduent has developed an extensive and refined system of borrower communication, which integrates voice response and call management technology with personal service. Our customer service representatives will respond to borrower telephone inquiries, write personalized response letters, activate automated response letters, process deferments and forbearances, and research and resolve complicated cases.

Web Payment Solution
We offer our integrated Web payment solution for all loan programs serviced by Conduent, including FFELP, Alternative, and Perkins loans. Conduent is the only student loan servicer offering this integrated Web-based solution for loan repayment.

Deferment Assistant
Conduent developed Deferment Assistant to simplify the repayment process and avert student loan defaults. Private and secure, Deferment Assistant enables borrowers to apply online for deferments and learn in real time whether they qualify.

Online Deferment and Forbearance
Conduent allows borrowers to apply for and submit an on-line forbearance and unemployment deferment using an e-Signature.

For more information please contact Campus Support Services at 800.835.6511